Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Review

As promised I’ve put together my first review! For all those who are makeup connoisseurs I’m sure you know all about ABH’s lip glosses. But for those of you like me who are new to it, or late to the game *coughs probably just me*… I present to you Barbie Pink.



It is such a rich, vibrant pink color. Definitely makes you feel like a sophisticated Barbie girl rather than a childish one!

The first swatch I did was in direct sunlight, all rays blazing. The second was done in more natural lighting to give you a better idea of the color. I present to you smiley swatch:

IMG_6178 (2)First swatch looking more coral red in direct sunlight. It does tend to look this way in some indoor lighting too. And I thought I’d make use of my beauty marks ’cause this is a beauty post *yes I’m a dork*


IMG_6184Second swatch in natural light looking more pink in my smiley face dorkiness.


As you can see it is a beautiful color with amazing pigmentation. Despite it being a lip gloss it is not sheer at all. This is one swipe of the color, with a little touching up at the ends since I decided to do such an awkward swatch shape 🙂 Definitely A+ for pigmentation.

Here are some lip swatches, extremely close up ones too… I swear I’ll get the hang of this:

IMG_6192 (3)First swatch done more in direct sunlight. Yay for extreme close ups. Side note: if anyone has any editing techniques, tricks, advice, ways not to look so dorky, etc… I’m totally game


IMG_6203 (3)OH HAI second extreme close up swatch of my pale skin in natural lighting. This shows the pink coloring a little better. Also my weird teeth. Don’t go back and look now…oh well


In both swatches above I did not use a lip liner. It is fairly easy to apply with the applicator provided. With that said, it is a gloss and at any given moment it will transfer to anything and everything. It is very sticky without actually feeling sticky on, if that makes sense. That was my biggest downfall with this product. Since it is so thick and pigmented, if it transferred it was very noticeable. If my hair touched it, lip gloss everywhere. If I drank water, lip gloss everywhere. If I breathed too much, lip gloss everywhere. Even in the above picture you can see a slight feathering in the outer corners of my lips. Perhaps a lip liner would fix this, but I tend not to wear liners with glosses.

Despite it going everywhere on my face, and hands.. cause lets face it everyone touches their faces, it is a really nicely pigmented, wearable color. It does last for quite some time and it actually is pretty moisturizing. I’ll update the exact wear-time and more on that after a full day test run.

Practicality for me would be very low. I wear my hair down, drink a ton of water, work with children (who touch your face constantly,) and a bunch of other things that I don’t want to have to worry about if there is pink gloss spread around my lips and cheeks. I also have this lip gloss in Dainty (perhaps I’ll do a separate review) and I don’t seem to have the same problems. Anyway if you’re sitting around taking pictures or filming makeup looks then this is a beautiful option. Or maybe you’re less of a putz than I am and can totally rock this gloss without getting it everywhere. 🙂

For now I’d say this a beautiful, pigmented, moisturizing gloss. But if you’re someone like me who drinks water every five seconds and has hair with a mind of its own, I’d say this gloss isn’t for you.

Questions, comments, nonsense… all welcome! ♥



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