Dry Hands?

If you are anything like me, this time of year wreaks havoc upon my (somewhat aging) hands. Not only is the weather very drying, but washing your hands multiple times a day zaps the moisture right out. I always have a hard time finding a hand lotion I really like, for many reasons… First off, smell. If it smells horrendous I simply can’t deal. Second, consistency. If its too watery I feel like it does nothing. Lastly, the aftermath. If it leaves my hands sticky or sweaty-ish, it’s a big no go from me. Let me also say that I mostly use lotions on the backs of my hands. Weird, maybe. But if you’re on your phone or computer a lot it certainly bypasses the “greasy” fingerprint issues.

With that said, here are some of my current favorites in the hand cream department.


Avon Skin So Soft Replenishing Hand Cream


Lucky for me my aunt sells Avon. For Christmas this year I received this awesome hand cream (along with some pretty makeup I just may have to write about soon!) It has a very faint smell (like a flowery argan oil?) that doesn’t linger or over power your senses. It is almost like a light body lotion consistency. But it isn’t too thin, and it leaves your hands silky smooth and truly moisturized. Since I received this as a gift I don’t know if it comes in a smaller size than the 3.4fl oz tube, but that sure would be nice to throw in your purse!


IMG_6217 (2)

Avon Care Silicone Glove Hand Cream


Another Avon shoutout, because it’s very affordable and works. It is a little bit thicker than the Skin So Soft, but still not greasy. It has a faint smell I can’t quite place… not exactly pleasant smelling, but it’s barely there and you almost immediately can’t smell it after applying. I also got this as a gift but it’s a great size for purses and traveling.


IMG_6218 (2)

Shea Cashmere Bath and Body Works Hand Cream


Ok I just love Bath and Body Works fragrances! Some of them are stronger than others, for instance this Japanese Cherry Blossom is way stronger then Moonlight Path. Love them both though! I would recommend trying them out in the store first if you aren’t familiar with the fragrances. As I said, this one is a stronger scent, but I like it so it works for me. It is a thick formula and the scent lingers for a while. Although this is just a little too big for purses, their travel size body lotions work as well. All in all if you want a scented lotion, the shea cashmere is a good choice.

*Afterthought: I’m actually not sure they make the scented variety anymore. It may just be the True Blue Spa version*


IMG_6212 (2)

Arlesienne L’Occitane Velvet Hand Cream


Let me just say when I first got this L’Occitane hand cream my immediate thoughts were Grandma scent. However the more I used it the more I fell in love with it (and as you can see I’ve used it quite a bit.) Starts off with a very strong floral scent, but settles into a nice faint smell. It has a medium consistency but once again not greasy or too watery. Leaves your skin amazingly soft and smelling ladylike. I actually think it’s perfect for all seasons since it’s light enough, but moisturizes effectively. Perfect purse size, but be warned, it’s very moldable. So be careful not to dump a bunch of other things on top of it or it’ll indent the sides of the lotion and possibly squeeze into the cap. Overall I’d say this is my favorite since its lightweight but packs a mean moisturizing punch!



Bath & Body Works, Avon, and L’Occitane lotions for size comparison


So there ya have it! Of course drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated and moisturized. But sometimes we need a little extra, and I find I go to these lotions for just that!

Questions, comments, nonsense… all welcome! ♥


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