Excuse the brief pause…

I want to share with you beautiful people so many posts I’m super excited about. Unfortunately my Surface of less than a year old just suddenly stopped working. I was crafting a Valentine’s Day look for you all, took a little break, and when I came back my Surface wouldn’t turn on. After many troubleshooting techniques tried by me and a technician at the store, I was informed that it was dead and there’s nothing they can do. They couldn’t explain why this would happen and said there was no actual reason for this to occur either. I was told it must have been a lemon, although after some internet research I found I wasn’t the only one who ever had this problem of their Surface just up and dying. I was also informed all my information could not be recovered. Therefore all my documents and pictures and everything else stored on there are gone forever apparently.

With all that said and done I have been waiting on a replacement. After almost a week now I remain device less and a bit stuck. Luckily I took a few pictures on my phone so I was able to get out the Sneak Peek for you guys. Until I receive a new laptop, my Valentine’s Day post along with some others, will have to unfortunately be pushed back. For now I’m typing this up on my phone and working on some ideas I have for future posts (like NYX reviews, Beauty Box subscriptions, new skincare lines, etc.!) I look forwards to sharing more reviews and tutorials with you guys shortly! Until then, I want to keep you guys informed on the lack of posts and I want to thank you for all your love, support, and patience!

Oh and if anyone has any good laptop recommendations I’m all ears 😃

Have a be-YOU-tiful day 💕



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