Valentine’s Day Day Look

*∗Sorry this post has been delayed for so long. As you may have read in my last post my Microsoft Surface died out of nowhere. So I didn’t get to edit the pictures as I would have liked but I wanted to get this out to you guys for Valentine’s Day!∗*

Yes I meant to write Day Day. Everyone on earth is doing a Valentine’s Day look for date nights and I thought why not do an easy, wearable day look? I also thought so many of us beauty fans buy the holiday sets and then fail to use them to their full potential. So I put together this look by using the Too Faced Le Grand Château holiday palettes and their Melted French Kisses Lip set. As I mentioned in my sneak peek post this is a super easy, very wearable look you can use any day of the week!

IMG_6328 wm

Too Faced La Grand Chateau palettes



Let me start by saying I used the Paris in Love pink palette for all the eye shadows. But if you have this set you can clearly use any combination of all three palettes. I did use the Paris After Dark black palette for blush since I used the Paris in Love blush as a bronzer.

First off I always put on some eye cream. My skin is actually pretty dry, so if you don’t have that problem you don’t necessarily have to do this. I usually use this lightweight one from Neutrogena before makeup and a heavier one at night.


Neutrogena eye cream

I usually put the eye cream under my eye, but if for some reason I’m feeling extra dry I will also use it on my eyelids. If I do, I wait to let it sink in before moving onto the next step.

Eye shadow primer is a necessary step in my book! I’ve used a whole range of these things, but for today I’ll be using Urban Decays Original Primer Potion. Seriously use primer, makes a world of difference.

IMG_6321 - Copy

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

Next up I decided to use NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to make the eye shadow pop a bit more. This isn’t necessary and you can totally leave out this step. I have just found I get a much better color payoff from this holiday palette if I use this as a base.

I applied it over the eyelid then blended it out.

IMG_6388 (2)

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk


Now I know some people like to start with the crease and work their way in, but I’ve always started with the lid. I don’t know why, but feel free to do it in whatever order you prefer. So I then took a dense eye shadow brush (not sure what brand to be honest,) and patted on Je t’aime all over the lid, blending it upwards into the crease.

IMG_6389 (2)

Je t’aime patted on lid


Next I took my Real Techniques shading brush into the color Chérie (not a huge fan of this brush but I’m trying to incorporate it more.) I blended this color into the crease and slightly in the outer V area.



Afterwards I took my Real Techniques domed shadow brush into Fleur. I absolutely love this brush by the way, like I wish I could buy ten more but they come in a set only. Anyway I blended Fleur into my upper eye area and softened the crease.

IMG_6413 (2)

Next I decided I wanted to deepen the outer V just a teensy tiny bit, so I took a pencil brush and very lightly blended in some Tout Suite. I then went back in with the domed shadow brush just to make sure it was all blended nicely.

IMG_6421 (2)

I then took a nice fluffy brush (had it forever, have no idea what brand) and swept some Amour under my brow. I used this same color sometime before my face makeup to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. Since it didn’t really show up very well, I left this step out. But I usually like to highlight there so feel free to add a touch if you want!

I decided to go with a little black liner cause I just love black liner. I used Essence liquid eyeliner which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend for precise, thin lines. It’s what I had handy so it’s what I used! You can certainly use the deepest shade in any one of these palettes for a liner as well. Noir or Très Chic would be some pretty options from the Paris After Dark palette.

IMG_6425 (2)

I proceeded to curl my lashes and then realized I wanted to line my lower lash line just a tad. I took the same pencil brush into Moi and lightly applied it. I darkened the outer portion and worked my way towards the center.

IMG_6441 (2)


I then attempted to recurl my lashes, and I say this because no matter what I do my eyelashes never stay curled. And if you couldn’t tell already they are extremely short and so straight they are actually pointing down into my eye. If anyone has some magical way to fix this I’d love to hear. Until then, I have just embraced my lash-less looks.

So sticking with the Le Grand Château set, I used the Better Than Sex mini mascara it comes with.


Too Faced Better Than Sex

Next up I finished my makeup routine with some samples I’ve been wanting to try out along with my regulars. I used a sample of Benefit The POREfessional pro balm as a primer. Then I used a sample of Too Faced Born This Way foundation (which I’ve been dying to try.) I then lightly filled in my brows with some Anastasia Brow Powder duo in taupe. Excuse the chunk of eyebrow missing in these pictures by the way, I have a scar there 🙂

To lightly contour I used Jolie (the blush from the Paris in Love palette,) and just swept a little bit in the hollows of my cheek upwards. Just adding a nice little glow, not really contouring a great deal.


I then used the blush Très Fab from the Paris After Dark palette, and swept that on the apples of me cheeks outwards. I have a fairly long face so I tend to swipe more all over the apples of my cheeks and out, than lets say someone with a rounder face.



To finish off the look I tried a couple of different lip colors to give some options. Really I just wasn’t sure what I liked best… but lets go with to give you guys options! I settled on Melted Chihuahua and Melted Metallic Peony from the Too Faced holiday set. The lower left picture shows Melted Chihuahua while the other two larger pictures show the Metallic Peony.



So there ya have it! A no fuss Valentine’s Day day look using the Too Faced Le Grand Château palette and Melted French Kisses set.













Have a be-YOU-tiful Valentine’s Day!!! ♥

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