Target February Beauty Box


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Target Beauty Box

If you haven’t gotten this Target beauty box yet, oh well too bad! Just kidding… but actually it is too late because they sell out in just a few hours! With that said I had posted right when it became live and ordered it. I will definitely try to keep everyone in the loop on when they are in pre-sale and sale mode. I’m a night owl so expect posts at 4am about it!

Onto February’s box. Insert googly love eyed emoji here.



I am very impressed with not only the amount of products you receive (for $7) but also the quality of products received (for only $7!) For starters, it arrives in quite a large sized box compared to other subscription boxes. It would be perfect for storing a great deal of stuff.


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Upon opening you are greeted with a postcard sized printout welcoming you to your new treats. And what a sweet treat it is right off the bat with the deep black box and pink tissue paper. Pink and black are one of my favorite color combinations so I’m sold. Point Target for tugging at my extremely girly heartstrings.


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Target February Beauty Box


The box is loaded with ten, I repeat ten, samples ranging from trial to full size. Actually a lot of what’s in the box are deluxe and full sized products. Did I mention this was only $7? You simply can’t go wrong trying a bunch of new products for that price! Let’s start with the gigantic body wash pouf since that’s the first thing I saw when opening.


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The Bathery Mesh Loofah


This thing is so dense and soft all at the same time. The only thing I don’t get is how they call this travel sized. It’s the biggest loofa I own! Perhaps some other samples sent out were travel sized, but this is definitely full sized. Overall I love the color and can’t wait to use it. The Bathery loofah has a retail value of $1.99 on the Target website.


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Skinfix Lip Repair Balm // Mayfair Soap Foundry Body Crème


Next this Skinfix Lip Repair Balm was one of the main reasons I wanted this box. I tried it immediately and it is beyond amazing. So moisturizing that I had actually forgotten I hadn’t used Chapstick for two hours and my lips were still incredibly smooth and soft. It is also scent free and flavor free. This Skinfix balm is a full sized sample and retails at $4.99 on the Target website.

The packaging of this Mayfair Soap Foundry Body Crème caught my attention next. It looks luxurious and I was not disappointed when I tried it out. It has a nice, light, refreshing smell and it seemed to moisturize a good amount. I wouldn’t necessarily use this for a body lotion because I like heavier moisturizers (in the winter especially,) but it would make a great lightweight hand cream. Perhaps in spring and summer this body crème would also be perfect. I thought this Mayfair body crème was a full size sample at 1oz, until I checked on Target’s website and full size is actually 5.5oz and retails for $8.99.


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Incoco Nail Polish Applique


The second item I really wanted in this box was the Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué. I love using these strips because they are super easy to apply, no drying time, and last for quite a while. Since I’ve never used this brand I’m excited to try them out. I received this very neutral nude-pink color, but there are some other options online and in stores. This particular Incoco set retails at $4.99 at Target, however some of the other fancier designs are priced at $6.99.


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I received the same Vera Wang Embrace Eau de Toilette in the Walmart Beauty Box. However I was glad to get it again over some other fragrance. I’m not a fan of heavy perfume or “thick” scents. This is a perfect light mixture of florals and something more substantial I can’t quite place. The description states it’s “a fresh floral fragrance blending the comfort of pear blossom and the earthy crisp of green tea with notes of freesia and sandalwood.” I don’t necessarily get the pear-green tea-freesia-sandalwood vibe, but I guess all together it creates this scent, which is lovely. If you’re looking for a delicate, lady-like scent, give this a try! The full size of Vera Wang Embrace is 1floz and retails at $29.99 on the Target website.


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Derma e Night Crème


Also at the top of my reasons for wanting this box was the Derma e Hydrating Night Crème. I have pretty sensitive skin and I’m always looking for a great moisturizer, so I was very excited to try this out. It smells a little off, like there is a faint perfume smell which seems to be covering up a medicinal kind of smell. Perhaps because it is 100% vegan and a whole list of other things which may add to the interesting smell. I applied very little to my face and it seemed to take forever to sink in. It is very thick which I liked, but it didn’t quite absorb into my skin, but rather sat on top of it. My face actually felt a little dry but when touched it felt smooth and soft. Despite the smell annoying the heck out of me, I’m going to give it another go and see. This Derma e sample is 1/2oz while the full size is 2oz at $25.99 on Targets website. I included it with the picture below for a size comparison. You are still getting a good amount of product even though its less than full sized.


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Now for some items I have yet to try… The Soapbox Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I am very particular with shampoo and conditioner, so for me to try this would have to be during a time I wouldn’t care if my hair came out a mess. Since I only wash my hair once a week (or less,) the opportunity to try these are pretty slim for me. They actually smell faintly of coconut but very nice, which is a plus. Considering all items I received in the Walmart box labeled coconut smelled atrocious! More on Walmart’s box a little later.. Both the Soapbox shampoo and conditioner are 2oz samples, while the full sizes are 16oz for $5.99 each on Target’s website.


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L’Oreal Boost It


The L’Oreal Boost It Air Blown Texture Mist is another item I’m in no rush to try. I have naturally curly hair, so most products like this and blowout sprays tend to dry out my strands. I’m still curious as to how it performs, so when I do venture out into trying this I will let you all know! This L’Oreal mist is full sized at 4.2floz and retails on Target’s website for $3.99.


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Lastly is the sample of the Laneige BB Cushion. This trendy new product promises a lot, however I have yet to sample it. It seems interesting, although I’m not too keen on having a product that could potential breed some germs and change consistency due to dipping a pad onto an exposed cushion of soaked product. Maybe that’s just me though! This sample came with three different shades (there are only four offered in the line) and a puff to apply it. I have yet to try it but I would assume if you aren’t light, medium, or dark these might not be worth it to you. Having only four shades is very limiting and I can’t even tell you if they are neutral, cool, or warm toned. The Laneige samples are 2g each (6g total) while the full sized product is 15g (30g total with refill) and priced at $34 on the Target website.

Overall I am very impressed with Target and their incredible range of beauty supplies. Even if you only like two things in this box I would say it’s totally worth it! I am looking forwards to more boxes and keeping my fingers crossed that one day they can have a subscription, without taking away the value and price of the amazingness offered now. Coming soon are my reviews of Walmart’s Winter Beauty Box and Birchbox’s February Date Night Box! Stay tuned!

Questions, comments, nonsense… all welcome! ♥

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