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Welcome to my Mean Girls inspired series! As I mentioned in my first post (oh hai) I want to post on anything pink related, because why not?! This week I want to talk about a beauty subscription that arrives in pretty pink packaging… Ipsy!

Not long ago I debated a subscription to either Birchbox or Ipsy, and Birchbox won. I of course stalked many an instagram account to see samples of past boxes and bags and ultimately I couldn’t decide. It came down to choosing Birchbox over Ipsy because the quality of products seemed better. Although, as I should have known, things aren’t always as they seem.

IMG_8030 (3) wm

You can read about my first Birchbox experience here, for now let me take a second talking about Ipsy. I really like the idea of getting mostly makeup samples as opposed to hair care and perfume. If I never got either one of these again in my entire life I would be grateful. So Ipsy probably would have been my first choice if I would have known what I was looking for to start with.

You can say the February Pretty in Pink bag left me feeling like I just missed out on something wonderful. After stalking Ipsy’s website and Instagram (yes again,) I realized I would love any combination of makeup samples in the bag options they sent out. I couldn’t say the same for Birchbox, and after that box’s let down (don’t even get me started on March’s box…) I decided I would cave in and give Ipsy a try. Ya know, for all of you curious beauties out there of course! *winky face*

IMG_7739 (2) wm

March Ipsy Glam Bag

Did I mention they call each package a Glam Bag? I mean that’s just amazing in itself! My first Glam Bag arrived in the adorable pink bubble wrap packaging Ipsy is known for. All your goodies are inside an actual makeup bag that they create new each month. This month’s theme was Hello Spring! Which featured three different variations of this pretty floral bag. I got the beautiful blue bag with red roses.

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On Wednesdays we…


This Wednesday I’m just going to do a quick shout out to some newly discovered NYX products. I almost skipped this week since the weather is too nice out for me to be on my computer 🙂 You can read my first Wednesday post here where I explain my whole pink themed idea!

A few weeks back I decided to try two NYX lip liners, Pinky and Pale Pink.

IMG_7034 (2) wm

NYX Lip Liner Pinky & Pale Pink


First off, the plastic wrapping was on so well that I had an embarrassingly hard time removing it. So much so that on the Pinky liner I had to leave half of it on because I literally couldn’t get it off. I wound up accidentally pulling the cap off and breaking the tip of the liner! You can see in the picture I smushed it back on. Packaging: 1 Me: 0

IMG_6579 (2) wm

NYX Lip Liner Pinky & Pale Pink


Smiley Swatch is back with Pale Pink as the smile and Pinky as the tongue 😛

As for the liner itself, I am pleasantly surprised considering it was so cheap. I believe it is $3.49 on Ulta’s website. I picked them up during a sale so they were even less, and NYX frequently goes on sale, so yay!

They glide right on and do their job. Pale Pink is a great nude-y pink color, and as exactly as the name states, a pale pink. Pinky is more of a hot pink color that is perfect for some bright spring lippies!

Has anyone else tried NYX lip liners? What are some of your favorite lip liner brands?

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Influenster Perks

What’s Influenster you say? Why it’s just a little ‘ole website that sends you free samples to test out for your honest feedback! I had joined a long time ago and never really got into it. When I realized I was missing out on some pretty cool samples, I decided to give it a go one more time.


IMG_7420 (2) wm

L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo & Conditioner


I just recently tested out L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Curls shampoo, conditioner, and treatment mask. I even uploaded my first YouTube video which I talk about it and show off my transformed hair! Although I want to cringe at my extreme awkwardness (you think being an actress I would be comfortable in front of a camera,) I decided to share the video anyway. Mostly so I can get all of your feedback on what not to do in the future! If you choose to watch me embarrass myself, then I’ll include the link of my hair magic below!

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On Wednesdays we…


IMG_7699 (2) wm

As you may have read last week (which you can catch here,) I want to start a consistent Wednesday post centered around Pink! Perhaps I should have started with this one since it is a calendar, but oh well. Next month I’ll be sure to make it my first Wednesday post!

Many bloggers talk about having a schedule and the importance of writing stuff down. I completely agree, which is why I want to feature my In The Pink calendar which supports the Susan G. Komen organization. If you haven’t heard of the organization they basically are in the forefront of breast cancer research and funding. They really do amazing things for women and if you’d like to learn more you can visit the website here!

IMG_7711 (2) wm

How adorable is a little pig with a little cup of coffee? I love my tiny pig calendar… Thanks mom!

Wall calendars can be just as useful as keeping a notebook or planner around. It’s perfect for jotting down major events to appointments and everything in between. How can you use this to your advantage you say? Well it’s a great way to stay organized long term. At one glance you can see the entire month ahead and plan accordingly. Plus it can’t hurt to look at adorable images throughout the day!

What helps you to stay organized? To my fellow blogging beauts, what’s your favorite day of the week to post?

* If you would like to join me in Loving Pink like Statements in Basements has, just let me know and I’ll link your post here! Check out her fashion! Thanks for sharing the love XOXO *

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P.S. Just as a reminder you have a little less than two weeks to enter the Murad giveaway! If you haven’t entered you can check out what you’d win here. The link for it is at the bottom of my review! Good luck! * By the way, these links are just links 🙂 They aren’t sponsored in any way. *

P.P.S. Can you guys guess what Beauty Box review is coming up next by a little something I included in the picture?!


Walmart Beauty Box

IMG_7150 (2) wm

It’s almost time for Spring! So I thought, why not bring up the Walmart Beauty Box? What does one have to do with the other? Well Walmart has their own beauty box subscription that comes out once every season. Meaning, it’s almost time for the Spring box! If you have $5 to spend every three months (four times a year) and love getting beauty samples to try, then keep reading!

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On Wednesdays we…


Ok I know its “wear pink” but I was taking some artistic liberties. If you don’t reference Mean Girls at least once in your life who are you?? It’s just too good to pass up sometimes!

I was toying with the idea of doing a Wednesday post every week or so, featuring one of my favorite colors… Pink! Spotlighting anything from makeup to fashion to quotes even, as long as it’s pink. Who’s with me?!

IMG_7581 (2) wm

Lancôme Sparkling Fuchsia Lip gloss & Intense Fuchsia Lipstick

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Live Spotlessly with Murad

About a month ago I got sent this amazing skincare system from Murad to test out. It is their Rapid Lightening Regimen which promotes healthy skin by treating uneven skin tones.

IMG_7142 (2) wm

Murad Rapid Lightening Regimen


I was very excited to open the box and find full sized samples of the whole three step regimen plus two additional sample sizes of other products in the line. That really helped me get a feel for their whole beauty process and see results. I must admit though, I was a bit nervous trying this out because my skin is very sensitive and I didn’t think a lightening regimen would apply to me. Needless to say I was wrong and I am pleasantly surprised with the results!

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