On Wednesdays we…


Ok I know its “wear pink” but I was taking some artistic liberties. If you don’t reference Mean Girls at least once in your life who are you?? It’s just too good to pass up sometimes!

I was toying with the idea of doing a Wednesday post every week or so, featuring one of my favorite colors… Pink! Spotlighting anything from makeup to fashion to quotes even, as long as it’s pink. Who’s with me?!

IMG_7581 (2) wm

Lancôme Sparkling Fuchsia Lip gloss & Intense Fuchsia Lipstick

Well it was such a surprisingly nice day out yesterday that I decided to try shooting outside. I had received these two Lancôme lip products as a special gift with purchase from Macy’s. More on the actual product I bought some other time (hint: it’s long lasting and has a very long name!)

So far I have only tried the lip gloss which isn’t very intense. It’s just a sheer glossy wash of color with a lot of subtle glitter particles. Shudder, yes glitter. It’s not terribly noticeable until you go to remove the gloss, then you have small glitters stuck to your lips. The gloss is nice on its own for a slight pink, shimmery lip. Or you can layer it on top of any lipstick to add shine. For me, it did have a weird tingly feeling on my lips, even after removing it.

As for the Color Design Intense Fuchsia lipstick, I almost don’t want to use it because it looks so pretty. Although I am curious to see just how intense it really is. So sometime in the near future I will swatch this (and the lip gloss while I’m at it!)

So that’s it for my first Wednesday Pink post! Just a quick spotlight on some pink products. What do you guys think? If anyone else wants to share their love for pink, I would love to share support and link posts. Just a thought on how us bloggers can unite! Actually, it’s a very anti-Mean Girl concept if you will!

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