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What’s Influenster you say? Why it’s just a little ‘ole website that sends you free samples to test out for your honest feedback! I had joined a long time ago and never really got into it. When I realized I was missing out on some pretty cool samples, I decided to give it a go one more time.


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L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo & Conditioner


I just recently tested out L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Curls shampoo, conditioner, and treatment mask. I even uploaded my first YouTube video which I talk about it and show off my transformed hair! Although I want to cringe at my extreme awkwardness (you think being an actress I would be comfortable in front of a camera,) I decided to share the video anyway. Mostly so I can get all of your feedback on what not to do in the future! If you choose to watch me embarrass myself, then I’ll include the link of my hair magic below!

As I mention in the video I have very dry, curly hair… and a lot of it too! I am very picky when it comes to shampoo and conditioner since my hair is all those things mentioned, plus color treated. So when I saw that it was Extraordinary Oil I was immediately intrigued since “oil” tends to be a dry, damaged hair’s dream.



My frizzy mane vs my tame mane


I didn’t get into it much in the video because it was almost a first impressions video. I wanted to keep it short, plus I was kind of nervous babbling away. The combination of all three wasn’t as great as I’d hoped. With my initial use my hair felt so silky and smooth in the shower, plus it smelled great. I had used some leave in treatment that I normally put in my hair and then straightened it (which yes I know it’s supposed to be for curly hair!)

Unfortunately after air drying it naturally, my hair was so dry! It was extremely weird. When I went to wash my hair the next time around, it was extremely smooth to the touch as soon as I got it wet (before putting shampoo or anything on it.) No matter, it still air dried frizzy and brittle. The conditioner alone may be the best product out of all three. I have yet to use it by itself, but after using the conditioner is where I felt the most nourishment and smoothness in my hair.

Maybe I’m using it wrong or it needs to be followed up by an additional product. However for a shampoo line to be called Extraordinary Oil you expect your hair to be smooth and silky without any damaged feeling. In fact I was almost expecting my curls to be weighed down from the oils, but this was not the case. There is a regular line not “made for curls” that may work nicely. This curl line however, is no holy grail curly-girl product.


IMG_7429 (2) wm

L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Curls Re-Nourish Mask


The re-nourish mask was the biggest disappointment to me. I know shampoo can be drying, but a mask is supposed to replenish moisture. This one seemed to do absolutely nothing, and I left it in for the entire duration of my shower.

I am going to give it another shot and perhaps with the right leave in treatment it will work better. Although I must mention the second ingredient for the shampoo is Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and as you may know that is damaging for dyed hair. So I probably will just be using the conditioner, since that seemed to be the most effective at nourishing my dried locks. Overall I’m a little disappointed with the end results since it claims to be made specifically for dry, damaged curly hair.


IMG_7405 (2) wm

Quaker Breakfast Flats


My second product I got to review free from Influenster were the new Quaker Oats Breakfast Flats. I received the Cranberry Almond flavor and they were surprisingly good! I love granola and seeds (yes I’m like a bird,) so if you aren’t too keen on these flavors you may think it’s bland. The cranberries add a nice burst of sweetness throughout the three thin bars that are included in each package. Overall they make a great addition to my diet for an on-the-go snack or even crumbled over yogurt. If you like granola bars but hate the mess, I would definitely try these out!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have tried either the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil hair line or new Quaker Breakfast Flats! What are your thoughts? Anyone else signed up with Influenster? If not you can sign up here! (This link was from my page directly. However, I don’t get paid or anything! I think it may just be for their March Madness promo.)

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The link to my first YouTube video as promised! I know I have much to learn! Any comments and suggestions welcome XOXO


18 thoughts on “Influenster Perks

      • To be honest, no. I am always trying. I have never found the ideal shampoo and conditioner. Years ago I was put onto a Kerastase product to put on my hair before putting heat on it for instance blow drying or using a hot iron, that supposedly helped with damage the heat could cause, but didn’t put heat to my hair that often. Then as for a serum, for frizziness, I have been told the L’Oreal Liss Extreme works well. I still am doing my research on that and will have to order online from Amazon as South Africa does not stock it….Why can’t our hair just behave 🙂

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        • I haven’t found any shampoos either. However, if you get Miracle 7 products where you are I would definitely recommend trying those. I use the deep conditioner they make and it is a miracle worker. They also have a leave in spray that works nicely. It’s almost like “It’s a 10” products but I think its better!

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