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This Wednesday I’m just going to do a quick shout out to some newly discovered NYX products. I almost skipped this week since the weather is too nice out for me to be on my computer 🙂 You can read my first Wednesday post here where I explain my whole pink themed idea!

A few weeks back I decided to try two NYX lip liners, Pinky and Pale Pink.

IMG_7034 (2) wm

NYX Lip Liner Pinky & Pale Pink


First off, the plastic wrapping was on so well that I had an embarrassingly hard time removing it. So much so that on the Pinky liner I had to leave half of it on because I literally couldn’t get it off. I wound up accidentally pulling the cap off and breaking the tip of the liner! You can see in the picture I smushed it back on. Packaging: 1 Me: 0

IMG_6579 (2) wm

NYX Lip Liner Pinky & Pale Pink


Smiley Swatch is back with Pale Pink as the smile and Pinky as the tongue 😛

As for the liner itself, I am pleasantly surprised considering it was so cheap. I believe it is $3.49 on Ulta’s website. I picked them up during a sale so they were even less, and NYX frequently goes on sale, so yay!

They glide right on and do their job. Pale Pink is a great nude-y pink color, and as exactly as the name states, a pale pink. Pinky is more of a hot pink color that is perfect for some bright spring lippies!

Has anyone else tried NYX lip liners? What are some of your favorite lip liner brands?

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17 thoughts on “On Wednesdays we…

  1. ive never used nyx liners, but will have to try! just started using one of their soft butter cream lipstick things, which are SO GOOD! Would def recommend it!
    btw, just gave u a follow !would love if you’d follow me back as well! love meeting and connecting with bloggers who have similar content like myself! 🙂

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