Target March Beauty Box

If you happened to notice a couple weeks back in my Wednesday  series post, I included a little sneak peak of an item I received in Target’s March box. I am completely hooked on Target Beauty Boxes not only for the great quality of usable products, but also for the great value in those products. The Target Beauty Box comes out *usually* at the end of the month and goes on sale the first day or so of the new month. I say usually because it’s not always the same, plus it’s not a subscription service.

I was almost crying (ok not really… but I could have,) when the end of March was here and there were no previews for a new box. I was like “how can you do this to me Target??!!” Fists in air and all. Then this glorious morning I woke up to see they had updated their products which meant… Beauty Box on the way!! So check out their site (should be a direct link to the beauty box page, if not just type in beauty box in the search field) and see if anything interests you. Also stay tuned… I will announce on my Twitter when they go live! With that said it will probably be very early in the morning and they usually sell out by early afternoon.


IMG_7569 (2) wm

Target Beauty Box for March


Although it was smaller than the last Target box, it was by no means shabby. Six out of the eight samples will be, and have been, used. March’s Beauty Box was only $5. Five dollars! You can not beat that. Considering how most beauty subscription boxes are $10 and up. Not to mention they usually include a $3 off coupon for future beauty purchases.


IMG_7553 (2) wm

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask


I was most excited about the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. Anything that promises to hydrate my skin, no matter how weird sounding it is, I’m all for. The directions say to put on at night and wash off in the morning. I don’t wash my face in the morning nor did I feel the need to after applying this. Not sure why you would have to wash it off, it soaked into the skin and didn’t sit on top of it like a mask or anything. I enjoy its moisturizing benefits and look forwards to putting it to the test during drier months.


IMG_7554 (2) wm

You Are Amazing Body Lotion


The You Are Amazing Body Lotion in Juicy Grapefruit was my little Easter egg in my post I linked up above. I was hesitant about this lotion because I hate grapefruit and most citrus smells. This surprised me and smelled very pleasant! It was nicely moisturizing as well. It’s the perfect travel size for me since I love throwing lotions in my purse and all.


IMG_7539 (2) wm

NUGG Deep Cleansing Face Mask


The Nugg face mask was another product I was excited to try. It didn’t matter to me which one they sent, I would have tried them all! The one I received was their deep cleansing mask which I was a little hesitant about at first, since I have dry skin. I’ve been waiting for a good time to try this, but after hearing good things about this one I can’t wait!


IMG_7543 (2) wm

Sinful Colors nail polish in Poisonberry


I do my own nails so I was happy to get the Sinful Colors nail polish. The color Poisonberry is a deep purple-pink-berry (which was a little hard to capture,) and as you may have noticed I love pink! It is more purple-berry colored than the picture actually shows, but it looks beautiful on. I can’t wait to layer some yellow confetti top coat I just got and see how that looks!


IMG_7563 (2) wm

Caress Adore Forever Body Wash


Caress body washes are some of my favorites, so I was very pleased to receive a travel size of the Adore Forever fragrance. I love amber based scents, and this is a beautiful combination of that and flowers. I am excited to see if their fragrance really lasts 12 hours now with their new fragrance release pearls. Next week I’ll be traveling so it’ll be put to the test!


IMG_7558 (2) wm

Banana Boat Sun Comfort 30SPF


You simply can’t go wrong having travel sized sunscreen, or any size sunscreen for that matter. I like how this Banana Boat Sun Comfort sunscreen has 30 SPF and claims sand brushes off easily. I will be excited to see if that’s true since I hate sand sticking to me, with a passion.


IMG_7557 (2) wm

Not Your Mothers Texturizing Sea Salt Spray


I am least excited about the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Wow that’s a mouthful! I have the full size of this product and it never seems to cooperate with my hair. I have curly hair to begin with so I thought it might give me some beachy texture. Instead it made my curly hair frizzy and weirdly weighed down. Perhaps those with wavy to straight hair will have better luck with this product.


IMG_7542 (2) wm

Clairol Hair Food Shampoo & Conditioner


Lastly, as I mentioned I got Clairol shampoo and conditioner sample packets. They are fairly generous packet sizes so it may actually cover all my hair for once. However, I know I will never use this, so I can’t really comment on it or the actual product. I can’t wait to have enough followers to give away all the hair products I have never used ha.


IMG_7534 (2) wm


So that’s the March Target Beauty Box. I just want to hand my money over to Target and say keep ’em coming! What are your thoughts on Target’s Beauty Box?

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12 thoughts on “Target March Beauty Box

  1. Aloha beautiful,

    I just came across your blog and I just wanted to stop by and saying that I love your blog! You go girl! I didn’t even know that Target has monthly boxes but it looks pretty good to me 🙂

    I love that we are interested in the same type of things and write about similar topics

    I just recently started my blog where I will write about my 60lbs weight loss journey (and hopefully motivate and inspire you to become the healthiest and strongest you :-)) beauty, fitness, different places around the world and different types of cuisines.

    I would love to see you on my blog and being part of my journey 🙂

    Check it out and follow me if you are interested:-)

    Have a lovely day!

    Aloha from Hawaii

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  2. Another box I wish I could have !!! Damn loved everything especially the water sleeping mask ! Have you tried it yet , if so what do you think off it? So many people have recommended something similar off that too me 🙊🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    • I actually did like the water sleeping mask! It didn’t really feel like a mask to me, but rather a watery moisturizer. None the less I feel like it does a great job and keeping my skin hydrated over night! I would def try it if you have dry skin or areas that get dry.


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