Target Beauty Box: April

If you didn’t notice by now, I am completely obsessed with Target Beauty Boxes. They are always affordable and jam packed with a great mix of useable, trendy, and new finds. So I thought, why not start my new YouTube channel off right, with none other than the Target Box?! If you’d like to watch the unboxing, I included the video below my review!

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This months theme was Hello, Sunshine! 


Bright yellow never looked so appealing! The April beauty box included eight items for an insanely good price of $7. The actual value of the items inside well surpass that. I always forget to mention on the back of the welcome card there is a coupon for $3 off your next beauty purchase. Sometimes the brands themselves include coupons, so that’s an added bonus. Although I was only really excited for about two or three of the products, I knew I would use every item and could not go wrong for the price.


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  • Simple Cleansing Facial wipes: I love these wipes for removing makeup or just freshening up my skin. I have tried many others, yet I keep coming back to these. I have sensitive skin and they are the only wipes I can use on my face and eyes without having a severely unpleasant reaction! Although I wish they were full sized, this 7 pack is perfect for traveling since it’s significantly less bulky than a 25 count pack.


  • CeraVe Healing Ointment: I was interested in this sample because as I said, I have sensitive skin. I’m always looking for lotions and ointments that I can use when something goes awry on my face and I can’t use my normal products. I was shocked to see how tiny this sample was. Then even more shocked to open it and find it was practically empty! The product doesn’t start until about half way down the jar. I have heard that a little goes a long way, but I would think a little more product couldn’t hurt! Regardless, I do like this product, it is very moisturizing. It’s comparable to the Aquaphor Healing Ointment.


IMG_8282 (2) wm


  • Marlowe Body Butter: I was looking forwards to trying this product since it is a fairly new brand. The scent is surprisingly light, pleasant, and refreshing. The texture is pretty thick and very moisturizing. I’m pleased I got to try this and I look forward to more products from this brand. As always I’m a huge fan of it being travel sized!


  • Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Sunscreen: Not a super exciting item, however it is super practical. With summer coming up this is a must have, especially since it claims to be lightweight! It has such a fun summer smell and is 30 SPF, and yes… travel size!


IMG_8278 (2) wm


  • Covergirl Colorlicious Lipstick: I was looking forwards to this the most! I was so scared I was going to receive a color that was just hideous (in my opinion,) but I got Succulent Cherry which is a fun bright red. They really do have a variety of shades and although I was hoping for a pink, I’m happy with this. It feels very moisturizing on the lips and is sheer with the ability to build it up.


IMG_8288 (2) wm


  • Pantene Air Spray: I did already receive this in my Walmart Beauty Box, but I’m not disappointed in getting it again. I like the feel of this in my hair and it really does provide a great flexible hold. Plus it came with a coupon for any Pantene shampoo, conditioner, or styler.


IMG_8270 (2) wm


  • Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation: A gel whipped foundation? Ok, I will try you Dream Velvet. Target gave out all Classic Ivory samples, which for me is ok because I’m pretty pale. However, I do feel bad for those with any other skin tone. Luckily it’s only a foil packet and it’s mostly so you can see if you like the formula and all. I have yet to try this but I am excited to see if I like it and it matches my coloring. It too came with a coupon… yay bonus!


IMG_8269 (2) wm


  • Laneige Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask: Can’t we go back to simple names like face mask?? This was one of the products I was most looking forwards to in this box. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but if it’s anything like their water sleeping mask I’m going to like it.


What do you think about the Target Beauty Box this month? Did anyone else grab one? As I mentioned I did a little unboxing video which you can watch here! Any feedback would be much appreciated 🙂



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