Urban Decay Liner Love

There are so many fun new goodies I have to share with you all. However, I like to test drive products multiple ways before sharing my final verdict on them. In the meantime I thought I’d give a sneak peek (at the end) while reviewing some fun not-so-new goodies.

IMG_7972 (2) wm

I’m sure every makeup lover out there will agree that Urban Decay makes great products. The 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is nothing short of fantastic. I got the shades Bobby Dazzle and Revolver on super sale at Ulta a couple months back and have been loving them since. First off, can we take a moment to appreciate the fine tip?


IMG_7990 (2) wm

I have such a struggle with finding liquid eyeliners that I like, mostly because the applicators are just horrible. These have the finest of applicators. They are ridiculously skinny with the perfect amount of flexibility and give. Drawing wings and precise lines are a breeze. Plus they grab the perfect amount of product so you won’t be glopping on a bunch of messy liquid to your eye.   ♥Bella tip: save the applicators you like, sanitize them, and use them with other formulas!

The formula itself is very liquidy, but not runny. You can easily build up a line without wiping away product. Honestly you don’t need to build up the color at all, one swipe and it’s bold, brilliant, and saturated. It’s just good to know you won’t be undoing any work you laid down. Once the color dries, which doesn’t take long, it is not going anywhere. This stays true to its claims and is very waterproof!

IMG_7987 (2) wm

For the colors themselves, they are both a metallic finish. Bobby Dazzle is a brilliant white metallic that pulls on the silver side. This is great for detailing or a splash of highlight on the lid. However, if you do a full wing with it, when looking straight on you won’t really see your liner at the ends. Since the light doesn’t catch it and reflect it back, it just looks like a very faint grey color when light isn’t bouncing off of it. Still very pretty, just not as eye-catching as the color dead on.

IMG_7978 (2) wm

Revolver is a metallic grey with specks of glitter in it. Honestly you don’t see the glitter unless you are looking very close up, otherwise it just adds some dimension to the color. It has slight purplish, sometimes a little green, hint of coloring in there.  This shade seems very luxurious and adds just the right amount of umph to a look without going overboard. It’s a nice alternative to your every day black, especially for spring!

IMG_7997 (2) wm

Overall, the formula on these are top notch. They come in a variety of colors, like blue, purple, yellow, etc.. but it seems as if they are going out of stock. On Urban Decays website there are a few colors left at a reduced price of $6. Their regular black Perversion liner is available in this formula at Sephora. I would expect Perversion to perform as nicely as Bobby Dazzle and Revolver, although since I don’t own that color I can’t say for sure!

IMG_7992 (2) wm

What are your thoughts on the 24/7  Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners? Do you have any favorite liquid liners or are you on the hunt for a new one? Thanks for reading XOXO

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◊ Special Sneak Peek ◊

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Who knows what this is?!



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