Is SK-II FTE really a miracle water?

Recently I applied for the opportunity to test out some popular SK-II skincare items. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the voxbox from Influenster, which included a trial size of the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and one Facial Treatment mask.

IMG_5130 (3)

I mentioned a few weeks back how I started incorporating Boscia’s Beauty Oil into my skincare routine. I have been very pleased with the results, however as far as anti-aging benefits go, it’s very hard to tell if something is making a difference or not. To me, if you take care of your skin, a lot of these products are basically the same (in my opinion.) It’s more about finding what works for you rather than going out and buying the most expensive skincare you can find, thinking it will perform miracles.

With that said the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, known for it’s “miracle water” ingredient Pitera, runs for a hefty price. The smallest bottle rings in at $100 for 2.5oz while an 11oz bottle is almost $300. Call me cheap, but that’s kind of insane! So of course I was curious and excited to put it to the test, being that I’m a perfect candidate because of my dry, sensitive, aging skin.

::Spoiler Alert:: I was not that impressed. I started using it as directed, sprinkling some into the palms of my hands and warming it up. I would gently pat it into my skin starting with the areas that needed it the most and working my way to the rest of my face and neck. It has a very watery consistency and smelled pretty gross (for lack of better descriptive words.) My skin didn’t feel instantly hydrated, so I waited a bit then added my regular moisturizer. After doing this my face did not feel any different than normal, however my hands were left a sticky mess.

I soon realized you could also use a cotton pad for application. I preferred this method only because I felt I got a more precise application, plus my hands didn’t get sticky. When I used it during the day I noticed my face became oily a few hours later. I sometimes get oily on my forehead and chin so I wasn’t too surprised. I guess it just happened a bit sooner than if I hadn’t applied the product in the morning.

IMG_8127 (2) wm

I decided to keep trying since it is described as a “miracle water” and all. I started using this at night after cleansing and toning, replacing my Boscia Beauty Oil. I noticed that when I woke up my skin went back to having it’s usual dry patches around my mouth and cheeks. For me, their claims on replenishing skin moisture and preventing skin dryness weren’t accurate. I can’t speak to it’s claims of wrinkles appearing reduced, because mine were exactly the same. My skin did feel smooth, but it usually does after cleansing and moisturizing. As for moderating my skins renewal cycle I’m not sure, with the amount I was given, there was enough to make a difference.

Perhaps all their claims work very slowly over the course of years and months, but as I said I got a trial 1fl oz sample. It was enough to notice no real change in my skin for the better, but probably not enough for years worth of a difference. After using other skincare products I have noticed whether my skin likes it or not, even after just a few uses. So for something this expensive to not have any positive changes for my skin, I don’t feel like I’ll be purchasing this any time soon.

Although I have not tried the mask as of yet, maybe the combination of the two provides better results. However for $17 a mask I can’t see myself using one every night, and that’s providing it actually does work.

Overall I am glad I got to test out this product for free, because I probably would have never splurged on it. Now that I have been able to use it I can say it doesn’t work for my skin at this point in time. Perhaps anyone with normal to oily skin may see improvements to their skin condition. For my dry skin I guess I need something more heavy duty!

Has anyone tried any SK-II products? Thanks for reading and I would love it if you checked out my application video! Any feedback is much appreciated XOXO



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