On Wednesdays we…


Welcome to June! As the months fly by it’s important to remember your long term ambitions as much as your day to day goals. Writing down what you are working towards can not only help you plan, but also keep you focused and motivated. What’s my favorite way to do this you ask?

IMG_8426 (2) wm


None other than my tiny pig calendar of course! It is a perfect long term planner and is too cute to boot. Not only does it brighten my day, it keeps me focused and mindful of upcoming events.

As always this tiny pig is full of wisdom and motivational life quotes. “Life is far too important to be taken seriously.” It’s almost as if my calendar knows exactly what I need to hear! I’ve had a pretty eventful May, and a no less exciting June to follow. So for me this is a good reminder not to take things too seriously and just enjoy the moment.

IMG_8433 (2)wm

Birthday Flowers

Since I was unable to post last Wednesday, I wanted to include a special Happy Birthday to my mom. Without her, and her constant motivation and guidance, I would never have thought it possible nor been capable of pursuing my dreams.

babypic3_0011 (2)

Happy Birthday and Thank You Mom!

Thank you all for joining me this Wednesday for some Pink fun! I’ll be in the midst of moving over the next couple of weeks so posting may be sparse. Stay tuned though, I’ve got some peachy keen palettes to chat about 😉

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