Tarte Hybrid Gel Sneak Peek

When a new foundation comes out there’s always a lot of hype that builds it up as the next biggest, life changing formula there is. Magical properties and exquisite transformations are promised by new scientific discoveries on how to make your makeup not look like makeup. Innovative ingredients promise to make your skin look flawless and provide additional beauty benefits as well. But do they really work? Are they worth the hype?

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Target March Beauty Box

It’s that time of the month again! No not the unwanted kind, but the wonderful time when the Target Beauty Box goes on sale. And it’s always *much wanted* so to speak, that it sells out very quickly. The site is up and ready for purchase (which is only $5!) and I’ve included a handy link that directs you right to Target’s website!

Click here to bring you directly to the Beauty Box page!

Want a quick glance at the products?


It seems, like the last time, you will get a randomly chosen color of nail polish and just one of the offered face masks. You can always check out my last Target box review here!

What do you think? Will you be picking one up before they sell out?

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Sneak Peek Valentine’s Day Look

So what’s different about this Valentine’s Day look? It’s super easy for one. But most importantly I used my holiday sets from Too Faced! We all get them, we all love them, and then we all forget about them. So I thought… why not do a fun Valentine’s Day look that can even be worn to work, to hang out, to eat ice cream by yourself… whatever! Or if you love the holiday of love, you can wear it all week long leading up to the special day. Cause why not?

So here’s a little peek at the overall finished look.


As I said, perfect for just lounging around eating ice cream by yourself (don’t judge!) Looking back on it now I probably should have done my hair for you guys too… oh well, next time.

So stay tuned for step by step directions and products I used for this low key look!

Have a be-YOU-tiful day ♥

Target February Beauty Box

Well it pays to be a night owl sometimes…

Target Beauty Box is online and ready to be bought! Just picked up one and thought I’d share the word 🙂

I look forwards to receiving this and maybe comparing it to Birchbox if anyone is interested!

Have a beautiful day💕

Sneak Peek: 1st Review!

Super excited to share my first review with everyone, so here’s a little peek of what it’s all about!


I’m sure you have a pretty good guess now… Till then ♥

My 2016 Resolution

So I know I started this last year, but considering I haven’t posted anything since, I’d say it’s time to start. My 2016 resolution is to get with the times… aka hop on this blogging (and hopefully vlogging) bandwagon.

Since I like to keep it short and sweet, here’s some topics on what’s to come:

  • Makeup– my very honest (sometimes brutally so) opinion of products. All of which I will be purchasing myself. Unless somewhere down the line I score some for free, then I will make that very clear. Also hopefully some tutorials.
  • Skin care– like makeup, I’ll be sharing my opinions of what’s awesome and what clearly isn’t.
  • Miscellaneous girly stuff– more sharing of my opinions, experiences, pictures and everything in between.

Basically I’m going to be basic. My opinions. My two cents.

Looking forwards to this new endeavor ♥

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